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Cenegenics® offers a new evidence-based approach to age management developed to keep you looking and feeling your best. We don't buy into the idea of anti-aging. Aging is a very natural part of growing older and time stops for no one. Our goal is to provide the best in concierge medicine to help our patients effectively manage the aging process. By creating and following a proactive plan for healthy aging, you will be empowered with the latest scientific approach to preventative medicine. For decades, the goal of a conventional medical practice has been to diagnose your illness and then provide the most appropriate treatments. At Cenegenics® Jacksonville, age management medicine puts you in control of your future by furnishing the knowledge you need to avoid debilitating diseases and premature disabilities.

Traditional beliefs have programmed us to expect an inevitable gloom that comes with growing older. Our unprecedented approach relies on the scientific solutions that come from our physician's research into the aging process. We begin with a comprehensive Executive Health Evaluation to determine your specific metabolism, endocrine system functionality and overall physiology. There IS such a thing as healthy aging! We'll Show You How Next, we create a synergistic program for age management that is personalized to meet your unique needs for hormonal optimization, nutraceutical supplementation, sound nutrition and sensible exercise. Regaining and maintaining metabolic and endocrine functions at the upper range for your age has been proven to give you the best opportunity for living a healthier and more vigorous life. Then, your age management physician and Cenegenics® medical team will help you manage your plan based on follow-up lab results for as long as you choose.

Our medical institute is highly regarded in the medical community for our pioneering work in developing effective programs for managing healthy aging. Within weeks of implementing their unique plan for age management, Jacksonville patients have reported increased energy levels, enhanced focus, improved sex drive and a renewed zest for living life to its fullest. You already make important business and life decisions every day. That's why we put you in charge of determining your personalized program. Once you've decided the best course of action for your busy lifestyle, we're here to provide the guidance you will need to regain the same vitality and vigor you used to enjoy. We believe that good health is not an accident but something that is determined by your active participation. Let our medical team at Cenegenics® Jacksonville put you in the driver's seat. To learn more about our special approach to age management, use this website's convenient form to request your FREE healthy aging kit; or call us direct to Get Started Today.

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It was the most comprehensive evaluation of my health status that I've ever experienced.
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