Telomere Testing

Telomere testing is the best measure of the current length of a chromosome’s telomeres and has proven to be the most accurate method of determining the biological versus chronological age of a patient.

By analyzing your cell’s ability to duplicate itself, this revolutionary procedure provides our doctors with critical data about your body. When a cell replicates, its telomere is shortened and the life span of the cell is reduced. As you age, the speed of this process can cause your body to prematurely stop producing healthy new cells. Life Length, a leading developer of telomere analysis technology (TAT), has introduced critical protocols using scalable blood and tissue sampling.

Telomerase Activation and Healthy Aging

Since individuals do not age at the same rate, telomapping establishes important molecular biomarkers that our age management doctors can use to anticipate the onset of certain age-related diseases and disabilities.

If your test suggests premature biological aging, we can recommend proactive steps to improve telomerase activation and better manage your risk factors, such as:

Correcting Hormonal Imbalance
Hormonal optimization can restore your body’s natural balance. By medically managing system imbalances with bioidentical hormone replacement, we can help to reduce the adverse effects of telomeres shortening and lower your overall risk of developing a degenerative disease or premature disability.

Nutraceutical Supplementation
Eating the right foods always helps to provide the natural energy needed to fuel your body. But, it is almost impossible to get everything your body needs from your diet, our nutraceutical supplementation aids in protecting against harmful nutritional imbalances. In addition, taking our TA-65 supplement can promote healthy telomerase activation.

Improving Physical Fitness
routine exercise regimen can increase your body’s metabolism, improve your range of motion and reduce your risks of developing diseases. For patients whose telomeres test reveals a premature shortening in length, our age management team will develop a custom fitness program that combines cardiovascular and resistance exercises.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight
Research has suggested that uncontrolled weight gain and obesity may increase your overall risk of developing dementia or other age-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease. Since these findings are in keeping with telomeres studies, eating right and avoiding the wrong foods may also be crucial to good cellular health.

Adopting a Better Lifestyle
Each time your cells divide, a problem is created as the cell’s ability to duplicate itself begins to malfunction. Poor lifestyle choices can cause the acceleration of telomere loss and increase your risks for age-related diseases and disabilities. Our dynamic team of age management specialists will help you manage lifestyles issues that could shorten your life.

So, what happens if you get a bad telomeres test result? Knowing that you have a higher percentage of short telomeres could actually extend your life expectancy.

As a leader in the field of age management medicine, we are constantly looking for the most proactive ways of identifying the signs of premature aging and applying preventive medicine to slow or reverse the process.

Healthy living starts today.

Learn more about how telomeres analysis technology is used to promote healthy aging in both men and women.