TA-65 Supplement

Cenegenics® Medical Institute recently teamed up with T.A. Sciences to supply a nutraceutical supplement called TA-65. This patented supplement targets one of the primary causes of aging by protecting chromosome ends from being mistaken for broken pieces of DNA. A major difference between a younger and older body is the cell’s ability to duplicate itself. Each time your cells divide, a problem is created as the telomere is shortened and the ability to duplicate itself begins to malfunction.

Eventually, the shortening of the telomeres causes your body to stop producing healthy new cells. In time, this degenerative process leads to aging as important cells can no longer divide. Preliminary results using the TA-65 supplement suggests the telomere shortening process is slowed and may cause some telomeres to lengthen.

TA-65 Nutraceutical Therapy

Although we don’t believe in a “fountain of youth”, TA-65 nutraceutical therapy combined with our unique approach to preventive healthcare can aid your ability for healthy age management. In early research studies, the use of TA-65 supplement has resulted in benefits to include:

Immune System Rejuvenation

Improved Cognitive Function

Better Cholesterol Levels

Lowered Blood Pressure

Improved Blood Glucose/Insulin Levels

Better Libido and Sexual Performance

Lower Homocysteine Levels

A very real advantage of telomerase activation is cell rejuvenation that helps prevent or slow the effects of aging linked to shortened telomeres.

By adding the TA 65 supplement to your program for healthy aging, your body has an increased ability to guard against the normal process of aging by delaying a key degradation that makes aging possible.

Healthy living starts today.

Learn more about how TA-65 can be used to reduce your vulnerability to age-related diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, or stroke.