Custom Fitness Program

Regular exercise can increase your metabolic rate, reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your flexibility, endurance, core strength and posture.

As part of your same-day evaluation, a dedicated exercise physiologist will spend a couple of hours testing your flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance to establish a custom fitness program that targets your goals for age management.

We create a well-balanced customized fitness program that incorporates the three main exercise regimens to include:

Resistance or Weight Training
After a resistance workout, your metabolic rates remain high. So, many of the calories you consume will be burned as your body rebuilds muscle fibers. As you continue to build lean muscles, your body will begin to burn calories while you’re at rest.

Flexibility Training
As we age, our range of motion begins to decline and stiffness decreases our range of motion. Regular stretching exercises are important interventions that help to lengthen muscles, improve mobility and reduce stress.

Cardiovascular Exercise Training
Walking, swimming, cycling, and aerobics are activities that cause an increase in heart rate which can be easily sustained for a routine period of time. Cardio fitness is ideal for increasing endurance, reducing body fat and decrease your risk of heart attack, stroke and respiratory problems.

Poor physical fitness has been closely associated with a diminishing quality of life, obesity, diabetes, heart arrhythmia, high cholesterol and hypertension, all of which can impact how old you look and feel.

Aging doesn’t have to mean reduced muscle strength, stiff joints and a slower metabolism. During your Executive Health Evaluation, our physician and exercise physiologist will discuss any particular needs for modifying your existing regimen and recommend a customized fitness program that will benefit the other components of your age management plan.


Healthy living starts today.

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