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How to Get Started


Schedule an Executive Health Evaluation

Setting an appointment for your evaluation takes approximately 15 minutes. Our courteous staff will work directly with you to select an available date that fits your busy schedule.

Complete the Questionnaires

Typically, you will receive a package within five days, which includes a Health & Lifestyle Assessment, Neuro-Psychological Assessment, Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Assessment and Essential Evaluation Day Details. You will need to complete an in-depth Health & Lifestyle Assessment as well as a BDI Analysis. It is most important that both are returned to our office well in advance of your evaluation for our physician to review.

Have Blood Drawn

Approximately two weeks after scheduling your Executive Health Evaluation, our nurse will contact you to schedule an appointment at your home or office for a highly comprehensive blood test. Unlike typical testing by primary care physicians, this intensive workup includes a CBC (complete blood count) and evaluations on hormone levels, cardiac disease risks, lipid panels, liver panels, homocysteine levels, prostate problems (in men) and urine analysis, among others. The results will reveal markers for disease risk and low levels of hormones below the healthy range, which our programs can restore. A phlebotomist will visit you, or you may have blood drawn at our Jacksonville center, if you live in the area.

NOTE: Testing requires a 12-hour fast, drinking plenty of water. Typically, testing can be performed Monday through Friday. Our nurse will send your blood and urine sample to our lab for analysis. It takes two to three weeks to receive lab results, so we schedule your Executive Health Evaluation with that in mind. Your blood draw and lab results will be received before the actual day of the evaluation thus saving you time.



The Executive Health Evaluation

Our evaluation process is highly personalized and can last up to seven hours. The evaluation is anything but dull.

Diagnostic testing

Wear your comfortable sweats (or shorts) and tennis shoes. Be sure to bring a form-fitting top for the optional baseline photographs. You’ll want to avoid garments with metal zippers or metal accents, ensuring accuracy on the bone densitometry diagnostics. Tests include a Neurological Chronometric Assessment as well as vital signs, body-fat percentage and flexibility/ range-of-motion evaluations.

The Cenegenics® “Gold Standard” for exercise assessment

We test all five major fitness components via these eight assessments:

    1. Resting Measurement
      • Heart rate
      • Blood pressure
      • Weight/Height
      • Waist Measurement


    1. Body Composition/Bone Density
      • Lunar Densitometry – a total body scan helps us determine bone density, lean muscle mass and body-fat percentile.
      • The AO Spine Scan – examines the bone density of your lumbar vertebrae and hips – vital for detecting osteoporosis.


    1. CardiovascuIar Endurance
      • Cycle Test – using the sophisticated sub VO2 max to evaluate oxygen consumption to determine exercise endurance.


    1. Muscular Strength


    1. Muscular Endurance
      • Push-up
      • Curl-up


    1. Core Strength ↦ Stability
      • Plank pose


    1. Flexibility


  1. Balance Testing


Digital Photography

You may opt for us to take 14 digital photographs, archived in our system for before-and-after comparisons. Of course, these pictures (of the face, abdomen, legs and torso) are strictly confidential.

Comfortable Dress Code – Generally, women wear shorts and a form-fitting top. Men wear loose (but not baggy) shorts. The objective is an unobstructed view of your shape for tracking future progress.

Discuss Findings with Your Cenegenics® Physician

Based on labs, diagnostics, medical history and lifestyle, you and your Cenegenics® physician will sit down to discuss the findings – spending approximately two hours of quality time together. After every issue has been thoroughly discussed and all questions answered to your satisfaction, a comprehensive program will be designed and presented to you for your acceptance, allowing for short-term and long-term fitness and health goals to be realized.

Meet with our nutritionist and exercise physiologist

Spend an informative two hours discussing your current dietary habits and exercise, determining personal goals and learning how the right food and exercise program promote health and vigor. Take a break along the way. Enjoy a nutritional and totally delectable meal – on us – which mirrors the smart food choices recommended in our programs.

Meet with a Cenegenics® Associate

Review your recommended program and corresponding fees. You decide what you wish to do with our suggestions. Do some, or do it all. It’s totally up to you.



Embark on Your New Health Journey

After beginning your program, you can expect ongoing communication and follow-up from the Cenegenics® team members.

Physician Program Management

Your Cenegenics® physician will manage your program medically based on follow-up lab results and phone consultations, or in office appointments. Most importantly, your physician will remain at your disposal via phone, email or in person.

Our Patient Services Team

We will manage your automatic monthly pharmacy shipments and schedule follow-up blood testing, in your home or office. Follow-up consultations will be scheduled to discuss results with your Cenegenics® physician.