How To Lose Body Fat

If you want to lose body fat, revamping your diet to include nutrient-dense foods and removing unnatural chemicals can help promote healthy weight loss for successful age management. Fad dieting is not the answer to reduce body fat and keep unwanted weight off. As your body ages, there is a depletion of hormonal levels that impact how your body processes the foods you consume. At Cenegenics® Jacksonville, our certified age management physician will use the results of your Elite Health Evaluation to determine how hormonal imbalances and lifestyle issues may be affecting your ability to maintain an appropriate weight. This hormonal and metabolic baseline is also used to determine the most effective nutri-therapy for supplementing vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Good Nutrition for Healthy Weight Loss

Our nutritional program isn’t about following a single diet and we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to healthy weight loss. The specific requirements for good nutrition vary from one individual to another.
That’s why our concierge medicine is personalized with individual food plans to:


  • Maximize the results of hormone replacement
  • Eliminate the intake of chemicals and empty calories
  • Increase the intake of nutrient dense foods
  • Boost the body’s natural immune system
  • Promote healthy age management

Once you understand how to calculate body fat as an accumulative effect, you will have a much better idea of how to lose fat and keep that middle-age bulge off for a lifetime. By eating the right foods and avoiding chemically altered food products you can maximize the benefit of hormonal therapy to restore the balance your body needs for healthy aging.

Losing body fat and increasing lean muscle will help you look and feel years younger. Unfortunately, there are many stumbling blocks to healthy living; and setting realistic weight goals requires an in-depth look at how your body is currently responding to the aging process.Use our website’s convenient contact form or call us directly to get started today.