Stroke Prevention

According to the National Stroke Association, 80 percent of all strokes can be prevented. In addition, this elite group of the nation’s leading experts on stroke prevention strongly recommend that the best way to prevent stroke is to work directly with a healthcare professional to manage your personal risk. At Cenegenics® Jacksonville, our Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program sets a new benchmark for targeting cardiovascular disease head on. Hailed as “next generation medicine”, we have developed a lifesaving approach that focuses on early detection and life monitoring to prevent stroke and other disabling forms of heart disease. However, it is important to be proactive and to learn how to recognize the early warning signs of stroke rather than to strictly rely on conventional testing.

Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program

Cenegenics® partnered with three of the leaders in cardio-diagnostics to design the most advanced stroke prevention program available. We use the Berkeley HeartLab for genetic testing and advanced lipid panels, the Cleveland HeartLab for establishing important biomarkers, and Panasonic’s CardioHealth Station for IMT measurements.

Your Cenegenics® evaluation day and stroke prevention program will include:


  • Expert lab blood and urine testing
  • Ultrasound measure of intima-media thickness
  • Review of diagnostics, screenings and markers
  • Physician-directed annual action plan
  • Periodic cardiovascular evaluations
  • The best in five-star patient service

Although a stroke can happen to anyone at any age, certain risk factors can greatly increase your chances of a stroke. By monitoring specific laboratory markers and inflammatory markers, our age management physician can help you manage risks with lifestyle interventions, nutri-therapy, supplementation and hormonal optimization. But, the time to start reducing risk is NOW.

Find out how you can beat the statistics, schedule your Heart Disease & StrokePrevention Program evaluation day at Cenegenics Jacksonville. Call Dr. Earl Eye direct at 904-674-0404 to learn more about our unique approach to preventive medicine and healthy aging.