Prevent Heart Disease

If you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, heart attack or stroke, developing a proactive medical approach to heart health can save your life. Our Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program provides a highly detailed assessment of your present health and allows our physician to monitor your ongoing condition by comparing important markers. If you are already living with a heart condition or have had bypass surgery, Cenegenics’ Heart Health Testing program can help you prevent heart attack, stroke or other life-threatening future events. After all, the more specific and accurate your doctor can be in assessing your cardiac health, the better protection you will have from disease or premature disabilities. You can’t change genetic factors or your age, but you can take proven preventive measures to lower your risks.

Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Program

The road to optimized health begins with scheduling your evaluation day at our office in Jacksonville, FL. We’ll have a phlebotomist visit your home or office for your pre-visit lab work for blood and urinary testing.

During your initial visit, you will sit down face-to-face with our physician to discuss your diagnostic results and year-long action plan, to include:


  • Genetic screening
  • Advanced lipid panels
  • Markers for plaque formation
  • Assessment for inflammatory markers
  • Measure intima media thickness
  • Our five star patient service

Cenegenics® partnered with three cardio-diagnostic leaders to design the most advanced heart disease prevention program available. We combined the best aspects of the nation’s leading cardiac laboratories with the very latest technology for identifying your risk for having or developing cardiovascular problems. This allows our physician to monitor laboratory markers as well as inflammatory markers that can help you prevent a heart attack or stroke.

452,000 Americans die of coronary heart disease every year (source: American Heart Association). Call Cenegenics® Jacksonville today at 904-674-0404 to learn more about our proactive medical approach to Optimized Health that can help you prevent heart disease.