Increase Sex Drive

Boosting free testosterone can increase sex drive as well as elevate your desire for sensation and pleasure. Testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are essential for the support of the reproductive function in both men and women. To understand the process of improving your sex drive, it is important to understand that each gender’s requirements for hormones are quantitative rather than qualitative. Conversely, the hormonal problems that men and women are faced with, not only differ by the sexes but also differ by age. At the Jacksonville Cenegenics®, our first goal is to stimulate your body to produce its own hormonal balance. However, when clinically indicated, we will complement your body’s production of select hormones for an increase in sex drive.

Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Work?

Yes. There is no need to suffer the consequences of premature disabilities, such as loss of sexual desire or performance. Based on the results of your health evaluation, bioidentical hormone therapy can be combined with conscientious lifestyle management for positive results that can include:


  • Increased libido & improved sex drive
  • Correct sexual performance problems
  • Stabilize mood to stimulate sexual desire
  • Reduce risk of prostate cancer & heart disease
  • Prevent unwanted body fat & loss of bone density

Interestingly, as nature’s way of maintaining a critical balance, all of the hormones that impact an individual’s sex drive can convert into other hormones. This too can become problematic as the hormonal morphing often leads to other imbalances. Bottom Line, an increased sex drive begins with our hormonal evaluation and ends with your enjoying an enhanced libido with more sexual energy and interest.

Since the hormone-secreting glands are part of the body’s endocrine system, hormone levels must be medically monitored for proper regulation of your body’s internal environment. Use our website’s convenient contact form or call us directly to get started today.