At Cenegenics® Jacksonville, we don’t believe in “anti-aging,” as it is a misnomer. When you choose our elite wellness program, you learn that looking younger and staying disease-free is only accomplished through healthy age management. Our proactive program uses evidence-based science and multi-disciplined principles to manage your body’s particular needs for hormonal balance, exercise, healthy eating, and supplemental nutrition. Instead of waiting for disease to occur, our program focuses on maintaining your health and vigor while you age. There are many stumbling blocks that you face every day on the path to healthy aging, and our concierge medical practice is here to help you every step of the way.

As a board certified age management specialist, Dr. Earl Eye has devoted his practice of medicine to help patients realize remarkable health goals through successful age management. Today, through proactive protocols and the finest in Concierge Medicine, Dr. Eye continues to help patients avert premature disabilities with medically sound strategies to manage healthy aging.

We now have the Nutraceutical TA-65 Supplement to support healthy age management.

Look and Feel Years Younger

The goal of the Cenegenics® age management program is to help you regain the vitality to maintain good health and live a longer, healthier life. Each component of your program is personalized to your body’s specific needs and is focused on preventative care.

By following our fresh approach to optimal health, countless men and women have experienced remarkable change including:


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