The Science Behind Cenegenics®

Fundamentals of Age Management Medicine

Our integrity rests on evidence-based medicine: Comprehensive evaluation, scientific determinations, physician research and proven protocols. There are no magic-bullet solutions, unsubstantiated claims or pseudo-science.

Cenegenics® Medical Institute is about age management, increasing longevity or affecting aging at the cellular level. We walk the medical high ground, taking a pro-aging stance.

We believe aging is a natural process that can be managed with our innovative programs, designed to help individuals regain and maintain optimal health and vigor.

Cenegenics® is forging new ground, maintaining an ardent commitment to bridge mainstream modern medicine with a unique proactive, preventive approach – one that earned us an unprecedented presence in the medical community and made us the leading authority in our field.

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The science behind age management medicine helps us identify and meet criteria, placing you in the lowest possible risk category for disease – particularly heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease – which ultimately extends your health span.

Current research findings show that is especially critical.

Studies reveal silent inflammation as the underlying cause of poor aging and most chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Gerontologists now see aging as a “consequence of inflammation” since inflammation wears away at the body over time, breaking down skeletal muscle, causing loss of lean muscle mass, blocking memory formation, contributing to atherosclerosis, among others.

Your personalized Cenegenics® program will target disease markers to promote your healthy aging.

Expert science, expert staff. At Cenegenics®, you can count on progressive, evidence-based solutions for your health, delivered by dedicated doctors who are specifically trained and certified in age management medicine.


Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine


Each has completed the mandatory Physician Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine, jointly sponsored by the Cenegenics® Education and Research Foundation (CERF) and the Foundation for Care Management (FCM) – providing our physicians with the competency to practice this medical specialty without supervision.

As a result, Cenegenics® is the largest age management medicine practice in the world.

We start with facts. Cenegenics® begins with a comprehensive evaluation to determine your specific metabolism, endocrine system’s functionality and overall physiology.

Next, we take corrective actions to help your body function at the highest-possible level, integrating a synergistic program of low-glycemic nutrition, appropriate exercise, nutraceutical supplementation and hormone optimization. if clinically indicated.

Hormone optimization is used to restore healthy endocrine levels. For most hormones, that level is in the upper 33% of the optimal range for a patient’s age. Notably, the exceptions are insulin and Cortisol, which should be modulated to the lower 33% of the normal range.

Regaining and maintaining metabolic and endocrine functions at the upper end of the normal range (for your age) gives the best opportunity for a healthier and more vigorous life.


Healthy living starts today.

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