About Cenegenics® Jacksonville

The goal of Cenegenics® Jacksonville is to guide you in regaining vitality and vigor, regardless of your age – helping you maintain health and live well longer. We are focused on preventive care: averting premature disability related to aging via medically sound strategies.

In fact, our medical practice has helped countless successful men and women regain their edge through optimal health, which is essential to their quality of life. We rely on sophisticated diagnostics and evaluation to guide you through a synergy of hormone optimization (when clinically indicated), low-glycemic nutrition, proper exercise and nutraceutical supplementation.

As a result, you will typically experience remarkable boosts in energy, increased mental acuity, revitalized sex drive and performance, strengthened immune system, increased lean muscle, reduced body fat, lifted mood, decreased stress and improved skin tone.

Board-Certified Age Management Specialist

Dr. Earl Eye, a board certified age-management specialist, helps patients realize remarkable health goals. His Jacksonville practice is committed to delivering medical excellence, as proven by our continual record growth, progressive edge and published medical studies.

We are affiliated with three medical schools. Family practice residents at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and medical students at Touro University – College of Osteopathic Medicine learn the medical and business aspects of age management medicine at our medical institute, as part of their Practice Development rotation.

Drs. Enrique Ginzburg and Nancy Klimas, from the University of Miami – Miller School of Medicine, have finished conducting a three-phase IRB-approved retrospective review study with our nonprofit Cenegenics® Education and Research Foundation (CERF), established for ongoing research and affiliation expansion, aimed at improving science and medicine. The extremely interesting findings, based on our then 15,000 patient-base, reflect the benefits of the Cenegenics® proactive protocols. Results from phases two and three have now been completed and published.

Download a copy of: Testosterone and growth hormone normalization: a retrospective study of health outcomes

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